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Age Control


Age Control Rebuilding Gel 50ml is a pleasant gel with hight concentration of red algae, well known for its excellent moisturising effect, reduces fine lines, helps sensitive and mature skin to get an instant lift and a smoother texture.


Age Control Renewal Cream 50ml is a nourishing formulation containing high percentages of topical Phytoestrogens derived from Soy Beans and Wild Yam, helps in reducing expression lines, improving the skin’s compactness and giving a long-term lifting effect.


The AGE CONTROL line of products is formulated to treat and care for mature, ageing skin and is especially active in slowing down the skin’s ageing process and in delaying the appearance of age signs.


AGE CONTROL ULTRA LIFT is a unique firming and tightening formulation that gives an instant all-day face-lift effect in just a couple of minutes. Tired-looking and sagging skin will undergo a dramatic and immediate change to a beautiful-looking skin.