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Alcohol-based Face Lotion for disinfecting, balancing the sebum level and stimulating the blood flow. This is an astringent effective treatment for problem prone skin, preparing it for a professional deep cleansing.


Add warm water to a small amount of A-NOX SUGAR SOAP in hands and work into a light lather. Massage into face using circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Speeds up the healing process of blemishes.


CALM DERM REDNESS RELIEF is designed for skin care predisposed to redness, rosacea, blushing, pimples and a sensation of dryness

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Alpha Beta With Retinol Peeling Pads remove dead skin’s cells, balance and minimise pores, also diminish the appearance of fine lines.

At-Home Peels

Superlift Peel 50ml


Superlift Peel 50ml especially recommended for complexions that show fine lines, sweeps away dead skin cells, increases moisture, evens out skin tone, firms and tightens granting a rejuvenated complexion.


The NOURISHING treatment offers an innovative and highly effective line of products that help repair and nourish dry skin. These products are based on quality ingredients that provide actual results.


Studies have showed that after a month of regular, daily use of the SeboDerm + Ω Balancing Cream, in the case of anti-seborrheic activity, the amount of sebum produced by the skin dropped by 27% and the rate of the sebum secretion of the skin dropped by 38%.

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