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Alcohol-based Face Lotion for disinfecting, balancing the sebum level and stimulating the blood flow. This is an astringent effective treatment for problem prone skin, preparing it for a professional deep cleansing.


Add warm water to a small amount of A-NOX SUGAR SOAP in hands and work into a light lather. Massage into face using circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Alpha Beta With Retinol Peeling Pads remove dead skin’s cells, balance and minimise pores, also diminish the appearance of fine lines.


Speeds up the healing process of blemishes.

Hl Professional Peels

I-Alpha Peel 185ml


Unique complex of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids that are derived from blueberries, oranges, lemons and sugar cane, which are considered to be most effective for renewing and rejuvenating the skin. Mild exfoliator for all skin types, suitable for pregnant women.


The JUVELAST product line is designed to repair and nourish dry skin. It is based on DNA CoFactor, Patent No. 9,333,159 B2 which is clinically proven to improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles.


Apply a thin, uniform layer of A-NOX HYDRATANT CREAM to cleansed skin. Massage until absorbed.


The BIO REPAIR comprehensive product line is highly effective in rehabilitating damaged skin, caused by environmental stress or trauma, through the stimulation of a natural healing process and acceleration of the cell renewal process.

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